Vote November 6, 2018

Jennifer Santini for

Woodbury City Council

I am a working mother advocating for Woodbury to remain a welcoming community that is safe, prosperous and inclusive. Throughout my campaign, I hope to hear from you and learn what your priorities are for Woodbury, as well as the concerns you have and challenges you face.

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Community Advocate

I am a passionate public servant and have spent the past eight years serving on the Woodbury Economic Development Commission (and previously, the Woodbury Business Development Committee) and most recently, chairing our 2040 Comprehensive Plan Task Force. Throughout this volunteer work, it is clear that changes facing our community will put a strain on our resources and systems of city services. While we are fortunate to be part of a community that the metro area views as successful, we must be thoughtful, resourceful, and responsible in how we address these changes. I have taken the time to learn how our city infrastructure works and the challenges we will face as the city continues to develop. Community input is necessary to ensure the vision for the city is well-planned. On city council, I will advocate for the opportunity for advice from all perspectives in the community to be heard. 

Business Owner & Attorney

Woodbury is growing and thriving. As a co-founder of a small business, I understand the stresses many local business owners and entrepreneurs face. In order to ensure growth, success, and flexibility for our businesses, we need to provide community support, access to resources, and guidance for opportunities. My law degree and years of legal advocacy for families and businesses also provides me with the expertise to be an effective member of our city council. Every day, I seek to understand all sides of an issue, listen and engage others, do my research, and ultimately make educated decisions to solve problems that face my clients. I hope to bring these skills to solve issues faced by my community here in Woodbury.

        Sykora & Santini PLLC

        Sykora & Santini PLLC

   My husband, Matt, and our two sons.

   My husband, Matt, and our two sons.


I am raising my two young boys in Woodbury because I love this community. I am a mother and also an optimist. I want my children to grow up in a community that values, welcomes, and celebrates our diversities. I believe that our community can provide even more inclusive opportunities and resources for all families to be safe and healthy. I also want my children to grow up in a community that cherishes our environment, keeps our community clean, and preserves our natural resources so that Woodbury can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Background & Experience 


I am a transplant to the community of Woodbury but have deep roots in Minnesota. My mother was born and raised in St. Paul and we have family ties to Henry Hastings Sibley – the first governor of Minnesota. I attended high school in Vermont, college in Maine and law school in Boston. I worked full-time while in law school at two different investment management companies. I spent a semester at William Mitchell (now Mitchell Hamline) before moving here permanently in 2009. My husband, Matthew Benson, and I chose Woodbury to raise our family and are so grateful for the decision.

I met my business and law partner in 2009 and we started our firm, Sykora & Santini, in 2010. We are transactional attorneys focusing on estate planning, estate administration and general business law.

I have two energetic little boys who inspire me each day to advocate for their futures and the future of our community here in Woodbury.



B.A. - Government
Colby College

New England School Of Law

Professional & Volunteer Experience

  • Co-founder of Sykora & Santini PLLC
  • Woodbury Economic Development Commission - Member
  • Woodbury 2040 Comprehensive Plan Task Force - Chair
  • East Side Learning Center - Board Member
  • Wills for Heroes - Volunteer
  • MSBA Probate & Trust Law Section - Council Member
  • MSBA Probate & Trust Section Legislative Committee - Member


An open & inviting community for all

As our demographics are changing, the city of Woodbury needs to be adaptive to what those changes demand. The mission of Woodbury is to be “a leading community in which to live, work and thrive” – and the city should apply this to ALL of our residents. Together, our community must address housing concerns for all, accessibility to transportation, and availability of resources for our aging population.  Our young population can also be better engaged to secure future ambassadors of the community.

Safety of our residents & preservation of the environment

There are serious issues affecting cities across Minnesota and the country. Woodbury can be a leader in protecting our residents, our environment and our natural resources. Effective governance involves careful, deliberate and thoughtful planning. Through my experience and background, I am prepared to tackle these issues head-on. We all need to be stewards of our community and set the leading example of treating each other and our environment with respect.

Opportunities to foster healthy & active lifestyles

Residents of Woodbury should feel comfortable and supported in engaging in healthy and active lifestyles, not only for their physical well-being but also mental health. Providing amenities and opportunities for residents to be social and active together creates a better sense of community for all.

Economic vibrancy

A thriving business community is not only beneficial for local business owners but also to the community as a whole. Owning and running a business is difficult. To facilitate the growth and success of our businesses, we must listen and respond to their concerns and, as a city, help however we can by connecting each other and providing resources and opportunities to thrive.

Fiscally responsible budgeting practices

Few issues are more important and more complex than sound fiscal management. Weighing the fundamental needs of the city, such as infrastructure and public safety, with services, programs and amenities that make Woodbury great is a critical responsibility of our city council. We must ensure financial resources are allocated appropriately and city planning reflects our priorities, as well as the budget constraints we face.


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